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my take on the Oakland Raiders defense woes vs the run

The Oakland Raiders defense is ranked 29th in defense vs the run giving up a total of 139.6 rushing yards a game this season and a 5.2 yards a per run.We all know that is not good at all and all it takes is a guy not staying in his gap or the linebackers not getting off blocks as fast as they need to to flow to the ball.I do not get how we draft guys like Rolando Mcclain and Lamarr Houston guys who come from college programs that always have been good stopping the run and guys like Tommy Kelly who has been around long enough to know that staying in your gap and controlling it has to be done in the front 4 stopping the run has been a issue for to long key is playing not getting blown off the ball by the O line and keep the linebackers free so they ca run to the ball and make the tackle

my point is until this is fixed we will have the same issues vs the run till we stop it


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